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Rail to Truck transloading at Logistics Park Cedar Rapids

Rail-to-truck transloading at Logistics Park Cedar Rapids with CRANDIC Rail

Rail-to-truck transloading in Iowa is a significant logistics activity due to the state's well developed rail and road networks. Iowa's central location in the United States makes it an ideal transportation hub attracting manufacturing, agriculture and distribution businesses.

Transloading allows for the consolidation and deconsolidation of freight which can reduce transportation costs. Companies save using rail for long-haul transport and trucks for last-mile delivery or distribution, rather than solely one mode of transport.

In Iowa, railroads play a vital role transporting goods across the state and connecting to major markets throughout the country. Several Class I railroads serve the state, including Union Pacific, BNSF Railway, Canadian Pacific Kansas City and Canadian National Railway, as well as regional and short-line railroads including Travero’s CRANDIC Rail. These rail networks facilitate the movement of agricultural products, industrial materials, consumer goods and various other types of freight.

Rail-to-truck transloading facilities throughout Iowa enable the seamless transfer of goods between rail cars and trucks, providing flexibility, accessibility, and cost efficiency. They are often strategically located near major rail yards, intermodal terminals and industrial centers for efficient distribution and last-mile delivery.

Logistics Park Cedar Rapids (LPCR) offers transloading via three transload tracks served by CRANDIC Rail. It has ample space for large truck movement and transloading equipment operations including cranes, forklifts and conveyors. Options include self-service and full-service transloading by our on-site material handlers. The adjacent warehouse has four rail car bays, 39 sealed loading dock bays and dedicated driver amenities. An on-site truck scale and quick access to Interstate 380 and Interstate 80 also make LPCR an ideal spot for transloading and driver convenience.

The types of cargo LPCR handles vary widely. The team has transloaded bulk commodities like grains, steel and palletized building materials. These are transported in various types of rail cars and then transloaded into trucks for further distribution to local processors or end-users.

Has your business considered the benefits of rail transportation? Are you interested in learning how transloading can benefit your business? Travero works with all types of shippers and freight, from regional and niche businesses to Fortune 500 and family-owned companies. We have plenty of experience helping companies utilize rail networks and freight brokerage services. Our knowledge and expertise across road, rail and warehousing management allow us to create smart, customized solutions for any shipping challenge. Call us at 1-877-205-9707.

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