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Why you should use one partner for all your freight management needs

With ongoing workforce shortages, rising fuel costs and economic and inventory challenges, freight management has become more complex. Whether you’re a large or small enterprise, now is a good time to reevaluate the most efficient, cost-effective and error-free way to move your freight.

If you don’t have the staff or internal capacity to deal with multiple providers, or if you notice gaps in your supply chain such as delayed shipments or inventory concerns, it’s time to consider using a third-party logistics (3PL) one-stop shop – like Travero.

How a one-stop-shop logistics provider operates:
Simply put, a 3PL provider manages all supply chain and logistics needs. This includes freight transportation, transloading, warehousing and fulfillment and more. Instead of spending time and money managing multiple providers, Travero, your single point of contact, will handle everything, including your freight strategy and schedule. No longer will there be the increased risk of error that comes with multiple solution partners, or the need for additional staff and resources.

Five reasons to partner with a 3PL provider and increase your competitive advantage:

One source: Get freight where it needs to be on time with one point of contact for all types of shipments. Avoid managing multiple relationships and benefit from Travero’s ability to track your freight and inventory in real time to improve your business operations’ efficiency.

Cost control: Moving products can be expensive, especially when you include the costs of numerous handoffs, miscommunications and unreliable carriers. Travero will act as an extension of your business to streamline operations and reduce costs. Working with a 3PL gives your business greater bargaining power with carriers for consistent pricing or rate reductions and more efficient routing.

Visibility: Having one partner for all your needs will provide better visibility into the business. Travero will analyze all aspects of your freight management and understand the critical data and information to make the most informed decisions. You’ll benefit from Travero’s experience troubleshooting issues with shippers and carriers.

Operational efficiencies: With a single source reviewing your logistics, we can spot opportunities to cut waste and gain efficiencies, enabling you to maximize profit by freeing up your internal teams to do more. You’ll pay for the work as it is completed, cutting the costs of additional employees. During busy seasonal periods or rapid growth, Travero makes expanding your shipping and distribution capabilities easier without costly investment in labor or facilities.

Partnership: Working with a one-stop-shop provider like Travero allows you to develop a trusted partnership with a team that acts as an extension of your company instead of multiple transactional relationships. If delays or damages occur, you know exactly where to turn. Travero will work with your team to understand the ins and outs of your business strategy.

Using a single logistics provider alleviates many pressures and challenges of freight management. From start to finish, whether you need truckload, rail, or warehousing services, Travero can reduce costs, streamline operations and increase efficiencies across the supply chain so you can focus on other parts of your business.

Are you ready to consider a single-source solution provider? Travero works with all types of shippers and freight from regional and niche businesses to Fortune 500 and family-owned companies. We have plenty of experience helping companies seamlessly switch to a one-stop-shop provider. Our knowledge and expertise across road, rail and barge freight and warehousing management allow us to create smart, customized solutions for any shipping challenge. Call us at 1-877-205-9707.

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