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Strategically located multi-purpose facility in the heartland of America

Travero is developing Logistics Park Cedar Rapids (LPCR) in southwest Cedar Rapids, just north of the Eastern Iowa Airport. LPCR will offer services that allow shippers to capture the benefits of rails’ economies of scale over long distances with the convenience of “last-mile” truck delivery.

On-site capabilities will include:

  • A 259,000 square foot multipurpose warehouse facility with access to truck and rail to distribute, consolidate or store consumer products. 
  • A bulk transload facility with team track access to transfer commodities between truck and rail.
  • Value-added services for kitting, packaging, product sorting and custom pallet display assembly.
Logistics Park Cedar Rapids 

Strategic Location

LPCR is an easy-to-access location for both road and rail to benefit trucking and rail customers. Sitting just five miles from the U.S. Highway 30/Interstate 380 interchange, LPCR offers quick access to interstates and highways. The facility provides direct access to the national rail network via CRANDIC rail. Ports on the Mississippi River are also in close proximity via rail or truck. In addition the park is just north of the Eastern Iowa Airport, which provides an added benefit for customers with air freight. 

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Logistics Park Cedar Rapids is scheduled to open in September 2021. Contact us now if you're in need of these valuable services.